1stPayPOS Setup

This video provides an overview of unboxing and setting up your new 1stPayPOS.

Updating Changes in App

When changes are made in the Portal you must update the app. When you return to the app from the portal you should be prompted to “Get Portal Updates.” You can also choose “Get Portal Updates” from the menu bar on the left of the home screen to manually activate any changes you made in […]

Logging into the App for the First Time

The first time you log into the 1stPayPOS app, you will be taken to a brief tutorial. To log into the app you must input your 4 digit PIN. The first time you log in you will be presented with a 3 page splash screen tutorial. After going through the tutorial tap “Close.” The app […]

Downloading the 1stPayPOS App

You must download the 1stPayPOS app from the App Store. You can use a pre-existing Apple ID or you can sign up during the setup of the iPad. Open the App Store. Type in “1stPayPOS” in the search screen. No spaces or dashes. Select “1stPayPOS — point of sale”.   From within the App Store, select […]

Activating your Account

In order to access all the features of your 1stPayPOS, you will need to activate your account. Before proceeding to activation, please check your email for the activation email. The email will contain the necessary information to activate your account.   Select “Activate My Account.”     Input the Transaction Center ID and User Name […]

Logging into 1stPayPOS

To log into the app, you must input your 4 digit PIN. If you have more than one MID set up, you will choose the MID you wish to log in to. If you only have one MID set up, you will be automatically logged in to that business. Tap “Done” and you will be […]