1stPayPOS Setup

This video provides an overview of unboxing and setting up your new 1stPayPOS.

Connect Your Printer

The 1stPayPOS comes with a printer, and three rolls of printer paper, for printing customer receipts.  You will need to connect your printer to your cash drawer. Connect one end of the green Ethernet cable into the 100/10BASE port on the back of the printer. Plug the other end of the green Ethernet cable into […]

Configure Receipt Printer and Print Test Receipt

To allow your tablet and receipt printing to communicate, you must configure your receipt printer. Access the pull out menu at the left side of the 1stPay home screen. Choose “Settings” then “Printers” then “Star Printer.” Tap “Configure Printer.” Tap the printer you wish configure. Tap “Print Test Receipt” to confirm the printer is configured […]

Connect Your Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner allows you to use UPC codes to upload and check out inventory. The barcode scanner also allows use of barcode discounts printed on customer receipts. If you elected the package with a barcode scanner, you will need to connect it to your system. Choose “Settings” from the home screen of your iPad. […]

Connect Your Cash Drawer

The cash drawer allows you to store cash and other items needed for completing transactions. Connecting your cash drawer to your receipt printer is very simple. Connect the end of the gray cash drawer cable to the “DK” port on the printer.

Set Up Your Kitchen Printer

For restaurants that choose the package with a kitchen printer, you will need to set up and configure your kitchen printer. Your kitchen printer comes with a TP-LINK WiFi range extender to insure adequate connectivity between your router and your kitchen printer. Plug in TP-LINK wireless router and turn it on. Power on the TP-LINK, […]