The barcode scanner allows you to use UPC codes to upload and check out inventory. The barcode scanner also allows use of barcode discounts printed on customer receipts.

If you elected the package with a barcode scanner, you will need to connect it to your system.

Choose “Settings” from the home screen of your iPad.

Tap “Bluetooth” from the menu on the left side of the page.

Move the “On/Off” slider to “On.”

Turn on the scanner by pressing the smaller button on top of the scanner until it beeps twice, low to high.

The device should appear on the iPad as “Socket CHS.”

Select this device to pair the scanner to the iPad.

Your barcode scanner will need to be charged. To charge your barcode scanner, plug the cradle into a power outlet and set the scanner in the cradle. The light on top of the scanner will turn from red to green when it is fully powered. You can complete the barcode scanner set up with the scanner in the cradle charging.