For restaurants that choose the package with a kitchen printer, you will need to set up and configure your kitchen printer.

Your kitchen printer comes with a TP-LINK WiFi range extender to insure adequate connectivity between your router and your kitchen printer.

Plug in TP-LINK wireless router and turn it on.

Power on the TP-LINK, pushing the power button until it is illuminated a solid blue and the wireless light is blinking.

On your iPad tap “Settings” and then choose “WiFi Settings.”

Choose “TP¬LINK_ Extender” network.

Follow the prompts in the wizard.

You will be taken to the TP-LINK website to complete the set up.

Complete wizard.

When the wizard gets to “Wireless Settings,” you will be prompted to enter a WiFi password. This is the password associated with your router.

When TP-LINK is connected the “RE” light will be solid and signal bars will show signal strength (you want at least three (3) bars for optimal signal strength).

After connecting the TP-LINK to your network, you are ready to connect it your kitchen printer.

Insert the gray Ethernet cord from the printer into the port on the TP-LINK.

Plug the extender into an outlet.

Plug the extender into an outlet.

The TP-LINK can be moved to allow it to be connected to the kitchen printer. Confirm the TP-LINK is still receiving a strong signal from the router by confirming at least a three bar signal strength reading.