The 1stPayPOS has a variety of reporting features to help you manage your inventory, identify sales trends and oversee your employees.

Navigate to the Portal by accessing the pull out menu on the left side of the home screen and tapping “Go to Portal.” Select the Reports tab at the top of the “General” screen.


Tap the Reports tab at the top of the “General” screen. There are several different reports that are available in the portal:


Sales Report

The Sales Report gives you a comprehensive look at your business sales.

Choose how you want to view the information by accessing the “Report Type” pull down menu.


See an overall sales summary, sales by hour, items sold details, items sold summary, items sold summary by employee or items sold summary by category.



Payment Report

The Payment Report allows you to see your sales by payment type.

“Payment Summary” shows you a summary of the payment types for the chosen time period.

“Payment Detail” shows payment types by transaction.

Choose “Payment Summary” or “Payment Detail” from the Report Type pull down menu


Merchant Report

Merchant Reports gives you sales tax, refund and discount summaries for a given time period. It also allows you to view your Z-Reports.

Choose a report type from the Report Type drop down menu:

“Sales Tax” shows you the amount of tax collected in each tax category.

“Refunds” shows you the refunds your business has issued, including the date, employee, order ID, payment type, total, card type, the last four digits of the card and the approval.

“Discounts” shows you information about the discounts that have been applied to orders during the given time period including order date, employee, order ID, payment type, item, quantity, price, subtotal, discount amount and name, tax, tip and the total.

Z-Reports provides you with a comprehensive summary of the days activities. Running a z-report clears the system and prepares you to start at transaction 1 for the next day/session.


Inventory Report

Inventory Reports provide you with an overview of your inventory.

Choose a report type for the Report Type drop down menu:

“Inventory Summary” shows you how many items you have in your system, how many of them are assigned a category, how many do not have a category, and the number of enable and disabled items.

“Inventory Detail” shows you inventory sold by salesperson.

“Categories Detail” shows you inventory sold by category.


Restaurant Report

Restaurant Reports* give you a comprehensive overview of your restaurants performance.

Choose a report from the Report Type drop down menu:

“Sales Summary by Category” is broken down by server and shows number of items sold, total sales, discounts, loyalty, returns, net sales, gratuity, tax, and total net.

“Server Report” is broken down by server and shows nets sales, number of tickets, average ticket, guest count, average sale per guest, credit tip adjustments, cash tip adjustments, auto tips, all tips and tip percentage.