The “X Current Cash Report” gives you an overview of your transactions broken down in several ways.

Navigate to Reports by accessing the pull out menu on the left side of the home screen and tapping “Reporting.”


Choose “X Current Cash Report.”


Payment Method Summary shows the cash in and out for the day and the total credit card transactions, check transactions, gift card transactions and the net total of all transactions.

Payment Method Detail shows a break out of sales, refunds, tips and the total for each transaction type: cash, credit, gift card, checks and gift certificates


Card Type Summary shows the credit card transactions by card type.

Cashier Summary shows the number of transactions and the net total by cashier.


Cashier Detail shows a breakdown of all of a cashiers transactions including sales and refunds by card type, voids and discounts issued.


Tip Summary shows the number of tips and the total tips collected.

Tax Summary shows sales and tax collected by tax rate and non-taxable sales.