Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my system?

Your 1stPayPOS comes with an iPad, stand, card reader, a receipt printer, three (3) rolls of receipt printer paper and cash drawer.

If you purchased the retail package that included a barcode scanner, you box will also contain a barcode scanner.


The tablet isn’t recognizing my printer.

Be sure you are using the Ethernet cord to connect the printer and the router.  Check that the plug into the outlet is snug and that the outlet is receiving power.  Remember: the iPad and printer must use the same WiFi network to connect properly.

My barcode scanner won’t connect with the tablet.

There are several possibilities:

  • The scanner may need to be charged. Connect the cradle to an outlet and place the scanner in the cradle.  When the light on top of the scanner is green, it is charged.
  • Be sure you have turned on Bluetooth from the settings on the tablet.
I don’t want to add my inventory yet. Do I have to finish the set up right now?

No. Once your hardware is configured and working properly, and you created an account, you can come back at any time to add inventory, set up tips and taxes, and set up employees.  Just choose “No Thanks.”  When you are ready to complete the customization of your system, just log in and navigate to the portal.  For more information on setting up and using all the features of your 1stPayPOS, please visit the 1stPay Learning Portal at

My Bulk Edit isn’t working.

Make sure you haven’t removed or changed anything in the original spreadsheet.  Making changes to this document may affect your ability to upload your edits.